Know Your BMI

BMI, or Body Mass Index, is an important measure of health risks based on body weight. Know Your BMI app calculates the BMI in seconds. The user only needs to enter few basic health information using intuitive user interface. The app shows current BMI, health status, and healthy weight range. No health information is stored.

What we did
  1. UI and UX design
  2. Develop the app using Swift 2.2
  3. NodeJS Backend deployment in cloud server



We started researching existing BMI calculators in the app store. A common pattern among majority of the app is poor user interface and dated design. We wanted a modern and colourful design for our app. Our we tried different colour schemes and gone though many design iterations before selecting the final design. Once the design was finalised we had to take a decision between whether to perform the calculation manually to use a third party API. We did few tests on both options and decided to use an open API as it was trusted by medical professionals. A lot of thought has also been put into the user journey to make the app intuitive and pleasant for users.


Developing any health and fitness app requires the careful attention and comply with regulations. So we had to make sure all the calculation for BMI under the hood is accurate and provide correct indication to the user. The other challenge was making it simple. Often by adding new features and functionalities, the app becomes complicated for common users. We aim to add new features without adding complexity in the app.


Know Your BMI iOS app is currently live in app store. It’s downloaded all over the world and got some great reviews.