We are a group of talented individuals with specific skill sets and experiences that collaborate together to build world-changing products and ventures.

Our collective consists of consultants, creatives and engineers that love sharing their know-how and passion for delivering complex solutions


We are bound together by a collective set of values and beliefs to build products that we call the 'Pinro Pillars'

User Centric

Ensuring all decisions are made with the end user in mind


Being open, honest and straightforward about all collaborations


This is the key to producting our best work

Constant Improvement

We embrace continuous growth and learning from each other

Why join us?

Network effect

Join a community that likes to challenge each other, and share knowledge and tools to succeed. We are on the way to creating a platform that facilitates access to work templates, guides & bookkeeping.


Want to bring us a client or project? If so, you will get a direct commission (% depending on the deal size). Anyone can contribute and wear the salesman cap!


Regularly our team members will meet for a week or a weekend to work together in a European city. Some parts of the trips will be covered.


Join the collective to get priority access to a flexible project that runs from 3 to 12 months—with opportunities for part-time and full-time missions.


Hands-on leadership


Development & Success


Strategy & Design

How to Join

"I love being part of the Pinro! I get to network and meet like-minded professionals and work on interesting projects that fit around my schedule"

Mikarla | UX Designer

We advertise new openings and requests for contractors/freelancers on our social media and job platforms. Nevertheless, we always appreciate it when we receive a CV or portfolio and meet new people!

Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us what you’d bring to our collective a the address bellow