Our company name, Pinro (Pin – r – o) represents our three core values – focus, innovation and openness: “Pin” as pin-point, pin-sharp which denotes focus and attention to detail, “r” for re as re-think, re-define, re-finement and “o” for open as open-mind and open-culture.

We are Pinro

Our focus is always on quality and craftsmanship. We aim to deliver genuine return on investment.We can also work with you to explore the possibilities of developing applications using emerging technologies, like augmented reality, machine learning, and AI.

We believe theexperience iseverything.

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We do not believe in traditional client and agency relationship. We like to work with you as part of your team.


Each project starts with discovery phase when we sit together face to face as a team with pen, paper and lots of sticky notes to understand the project in detail- motivation behind the idea, what problem we are trying to solve, who are users and stakeholders, project timeline and any technical requirements.


We present few design directions based on the requirements captured in the discovery phase. It clarifies the idea and avoid any misinterpretation.


Only change is constant but unplanned changes at later phase may delay the project and increase the budget. So we make any necessary changes in the iteration phase before writing a single line of code.


It’s the magic phase of the project when all the pieces come together. After discovery, design and iteration phase, development is generally smooth. We develop modular, well documented and elegant code. We follow agile methodology in each project.

Test and deploy

We perform enhanced internal testing on the code and fix any unexpected bugs before deployment. Successful deployment is generally ends the delivery of the project.


We can provide full service and maintenance support for any application we developed on demand. No need to employ an additional staff.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.