Development is only the beginning of the journey for a successful product launch. Ensuring the right plan and procedures are in place for 

We offer a number of services to support or products to give the product the best change of success. This is typically broken down into our Support & Scale functions.

Tech support 

As the environment changes so do product requirements and needs. If something unexpected happens we offer around-the-clock support to get you we’ll get you back on track in no time.

Tech maintenance 

Additionally, to support work, planned changes will be needed to keep any product relevant within the market. From planned version updates to enhancing download speed, we are continuously looking to optimise your offering to ensure you are constantly improving.

App store optimisation 

With millions of mobile apps in the world and hundreds of thousands created each year achieving and holding high app rankings is becoming very challenging. Our team of experts will help optimise your strategy to improve an app’s visibility and user appeal in the app stores with the goal increase app conversion rates to get more downloads.

Digital marketing 

There is no point putting in hard work developing a digital product without anyone knowing about it. We offer a complete range of marketing packages specifically tailored to your product’s goals to drive user downloads and help raise brand awareness.

User feedback 

When you live and breathe your product, it can be hard to put yourself in the shoes of an everyday user. Collecting user feedback allows you to understand what your users think and feel about your product, builds empathy for their experiences, and gives you actionable insight into what’s working well or not which will drive strategic change.