At the core of every exceptional digital product is a solid roadmap driven by strategy and empathy. Each project starts with the strategy phase when we work together to understand the project in detail, the motivation behind the idea, what problem we are trying to solve, the key users and stakeholders to define project timeline and any technical requirements.

Discovery workshop 

Custom-designed workshops provide the time, space, and activities that enable teams to address their most pressing challenges. Using design thinking and other collaborative methodologies, we help frame the problem space, identify the key metrics of success, and prioritize opportunities to consistently accelerate a team’s progress on meaningful work.

Idea validation 

When working with emerging technologies or unknown possibilities, teams often build out a proof of concept to test assumptions about bringing the solution to life. We work collaboratively as an in-house team alongside prospective users to validate the desirability of a concept through interactive prototypes, and functional proofs-of-concept can help answer questions about the technological feasibility of an idea.

Market mapping 

Understanding the competitive landscape of any market is a vital process before the launch of any product. Our team will help you understand competitor behaviour, products & services they offer and spot any gaps in the market.

User personas 

A deep understanding of a target user is fundamental to creating exceptional products. We will work together to understand the expectations, concerns, and motivations of target users, to build a product that will deliver an exceptional experience.

Lean model canvas 

Heavy business plans take too long to write, are painful to update and almost never read. However, planing and mapping out ideas are still an important strategic processes. Our strategist will work alongside you to help document and visualise the venture and deconstruct the idea into its key assumptions in a leaner more flexible model.

Creative brief 

At the end of the strategy stage, we will produce a creative brief that will guide the design and development process based on the idea and vision behind the project. This document will ensure that all parties involved are on the same page before any code is written.