Developing digital products is equal parts science and art. It’s the magic phase of the project when all the pieces come together. After strategy, design and any iterations along the way, development is generally smooth. We develop using agile methodology with clear sprint stages, and elegant code well-documented outputs.

Web development 

Our web development team has extensive experience working with modern libraries, frameworks, and methodologies. Radical collaboration with the broader product and client team results in product experiences that delight with every feature. Our expertise lies in React, TypeScript, Node.js, GraphQL, and more.

App development 

As work moves remote and phone technology continues to evolve, it’s vital now more than ever for mobile developers to stay up-to-date. Our team is dedicated to continual education of modern tools, languages, and trends to bring cutting-edge features and insights to your project. We have extensive experience with both custom IOS and Android technology as well as hybrid solutions like React Native.

Custom web apps 

Every business has its own workflow and process and ‘off the self’ products sometimes be complex and detrimental to the user experience. We develop custom solutions, with a no “one size fits all” approach ensuring they’re user-friendly and tailored specifically to fit your exact needs.

API development 

APIs provide significate technological advantages bringing applications together in order to perform a designed function built around sharing data and executing pre-defined processes. Our team can launch APIs for internal use as well as connecting with other third-party integrations.

No-code development 

Not all digital products need a custom solution. Sometimes a quick no-code solution can be built to validate an idea, test assumptions or even scale to MVP and beyond. We can quickly turn ideas into products in a short time frame delivering a faster path to launch.

Manual & Automated testing 

Before any product launch in-depth testing identifies bugs and issues in the development process so they’re fixed prior to product launch. We use a combination of both manual and automated testing to ensure that only quality products are distributed to consumers, ensuring the best experience possible.